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Who We Are

BeFLAT is a leading carbon offset project development and investment company based in Seoul, South Korea. We aim to connect sustainable projects with responsible investors, playing our part in the global fight against climate change. At BeFLAT, we are committed to transparency, integrity, and excellence and are proud to be a member of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA).



Our mission at BeFLAT is to facilitate the transition towards a net-zero future by investing in and developing sustainable projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By working closely with financial firms and compliance entities throughout South Korea, we ensure that carbon finance is utilized correctly, promoting a greener and cleaner planet. We strive to offer our clients valuable insights and solutions through our unique perspective and expertise in the field.



At BeFLAT, we envision a world where sustainable projects are widely recognized and celebrated for their positive environmental impact. Every individual and organization is responsible for contributing to a greener planet, and we are committed to playing our part. By connecting good projects to good investors, we aim to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future, ensuring that our planet remains habitable for future generations.

Our Team

BeFLAT was founded by Kyunghwa (Kay) Jeon, who has been actively involved in carbon offset projects since 2018. Kay holds an MSc in Carbon Finance from the University of Edinburgh and has extensive working experience in finance and accounting. Our team comprises a group of professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in the field.

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